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Lyrics 1eleven - AMG FREESTYLE

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  • Artist: 1eleven
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  • Date: 04.10.2022 09:56:41
Lyrics 1eleven - AMG FREESTYLE

When I pull up I got one, so they all scream to heaven
Bitch I can't talk about no ones unless its 1eleven
Know I say I'll humble when I'm grown but you can just forget it
You try to cross me, tic tac toe, my choppa get erected

Just be patient I'll be solid when the day comes
If homeboy got problems with money, help him make some
They took me in to question me, but I ain't say nun
But if they took a pack of Sigs they'd prolly break one
'Till death gon' do us part it's AMG, don't play with me (Yeah)
If you gon' talk to me, then you'll be talkin to the team
If you talk to Abu then you'll be talkin straight to cheese
That's Chedda boy you heard him drop a verse with me and G

If gtwoodz gon' say he need the gang, then we gon' speed (Speed)
I might not be from Grimey's squad but we come 30 deep
Black BMW's with 5% so you can't see
They tried to lock me up with charges, but I made it free

I really changed, I used to fuck with them they fucked with me
Now I won't talk to you if you ain't doin shit for me
You say you down to ride, but I don't see you ride V
If you ain't ride with everybody then it's to the streets

If you ain't ridin' with the gang then you ain't ride with me
Bitch we be toting sticks and Ks but I don't got a beam
I wanna say my life a movie on some AMC
And if you want tickets to the shit you better pay the fee

They be talking all that shit but they don't pull up
Bitch you aint gon' pull up with yo gang then you gon' see some
Ballin' like the Giants, like "Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum"
I pull out the mac out of the bag and let it go dumb

I don't fuck with you, but don't get offended I don't like no-one
How you out here talkin' all that shit when you got no gun
I've just been here flexin' with my boys we keep it 4hun
Pull up to your block, turn you to pack and then I smoke one

I'ma light it up
I'ma pop another Xanny I ain't high enough
And I'ma pop another Addy, eyes ain't wide enough
Now I'm out here freestyling, I was used to writing some

I'm like "Dini, where the powder? Let me line it up"
You be talkin to the police like you the 5 or some
5.0, I cannot fuck with you
I pull out the pole, and bitch you know I let it kiss you

I won't miss you
I pull out the glock and my brother be packin missiles
RPG's, I got my Gs, it's AMG's, pull up in black AMGs and them black Jeeps
That's a Jeep truck
Pull up keep the beam tucked
Chedda in the studio you know that boy is beaned up
I just popped a Addy so you know I'm finna be up
"Tucker, why you always gotta flex? Like, Jesus"