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Lyrics CORPSE - Under The Weather

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  • Artist: CORPSE
  • Song: Under The Weather
  • Views: 19
  • Date: 04.02.2023 13:46:17
Lyrics ​CORPSE - Under The Weather

Do you think at a certain point we all just
Sink in to the ground and are never heard from again?
Fuck, your hands are warm
I guess I just never noticed

I keep one in the chamber
I keep one for myself
I’ll keep one of your pictures so I’ll see you in hell
I just damaged my liver
Babe, you think you can help
I keep going to liquor
You keep wishing me well

Would it kill you just to smile?
At least once in a while?
Leave your fucking town
Live just in the now

Baby, I got a fever
I’m not feeling too well
I’m so under the weather
I’m so under your spell
I got one in the chamber
I got one for myself
I got one of your pictures so I’ll see you in hell

Do you think it’s gonna be like this forever?
Feels like forever