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Lyrics El Has - Sustain My Existence

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  • Artist: El Has
  • Song: Sustain My Existence
  • Views: 4
  • Date: 25.01.2023 06:57:19
Lyrics El Has - Sustain My Existence

I'll be thrown into the working world just like that, and i am not the slightest bit prepared
There's no chance of me believing this is how it should work
I would've been convinced if anyone actually cared
You all know money's a stupid reason to kill
But that's just how it's been, for longer than anyone has ever lived
Work forever
It matters not what you do
It will not help you live
But it'll change some number which inexplicably will
I will never understand
Not like it'll fucking last or matter
As soon as i get the hang of it, we're all gonna fucking diе anyway
Don't act like you have a choice
Somеone will kill you if you don't work your life away
Just because that is what every body does
Useless, useless, meaningless, bullshit labour
False necessity
How is that a valid reason for so many people

I will not change my mind
Numbers kill 'cause you let them
They should not sustain your existence
You let a lack of them make you die
Fuck you! get a grip
This will not change unless you all force a revolution
If you don't, it'll be too late before anyone notices

But first, i must sustain my existence
Sustain my existence
I have no choice
I have no choice
I have no choice
Words can't express how purely retarded this all is

I'm stalling for time
Sustain my existence
Death is the one thing i fear
The sudden stop at the end
Or a bullet flying through my head
A fucking number changing
How is that even possible
Physics do not work like that
Reliance on money must cease to be
How do i sustain my existence
I physically cannot bring myself to participate in the system of the rng of doom
No more! shut up! no more
You want me to have money fuck off! fuck you
If i ever actually get any money, it'll vanish instantly, or sit in the void never being used

Society as a whole is based around a single point of failure

For every fucking thing, if one element goes wrong people lose their lives
I don't want to waste the rest of my life
Doing meaningless bullshit to change some fucking numbers
You're so weak willed you just keep doing what everyone else does to sustain your existence

No... no! it's never gonna end
Pride and accomplishment are not worth the risk
They're just fucking hormones
Wait... wait... wait
There is no reason that should make you end your own life

I need money so i can sustain my existence
I need money so i can sustain my existe
The realm of impossibility is where i must go
I fucking hate myself
The shit cannot be made, only replicated
By those who already have too much
I have no choice and neither do you
How's this make any fucking sense to you people
Peer pressure's caused by the one it affects
You're fucking sentient. stop letting it force you
That doesn't mean getting a job should be necessary, retard
I have a message for everyone i've met everywhere i've been: go fuck yourselves

You stopped giving a shit so i stopped caring as well

I won't be him
I won't be him
I won't be him
I won't be him
I won't be him
I won't be him
I won't be him
I won't fucking be him

I will never become another worthless drone, one who has to prove his worth or be killed
I know what money is, and so do you
If you all stop letting yourselves die for lack of it, wars, starvation, dictatorships, entrapment in deserts, and so many other forms of suffering, will all completely cease