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Lyrics F$M K2 - Spin Back

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  • Artist: F$M K2
  • Song: Spin Back
  • Views: 6
  • Date: 25.01.2023 07:04:34
Lyrics F$M K2 - Spin Back

Hit they block see me spin by
2, 3 shots he a dead guy
Tint too dark can't see inside
He said he a shooter, boy that's a lie
Free all my demons thats still doing time
She ring up my phone, man I gotta decline
Cause all of my shooters they ready to slide
They screaming out "sav we gon' show 'em who slime"
We gon show 'em who slime
shorty gon ride
We Bonnie and Clyde
How you gon' diss but your bro in the sky
Love all my demons and free all the guys
Peep through they block and there's no one in sight
don't ask me to fight
Ask how I'm doing, I'm doing alright
Cause I'm making money, I'm serving the white
Crodie spin back