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Lyrics Imhysteria - Invisible

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  • Artist: Imhysteria
  • Song: Invisible
  • Views: 27
  • Date: 31.10.2022 16:57:07
Lyrics Imhysteria - Invisible

Felling invincible, I'm hard as stone
Boutta crack the code
Hard as bone
Go and get in the boat
This is what I wrote
Go and make your votes
Take some notes
I’m in the list of goats
Making my new quotes
Cut their throats
On the floats
Wearing my overcoats
You've lost all hope. Stop the scopes. Walk along the rope
Using my cantaloupe; envelope, antelope
Pick up the microscope, stethoscope
Felling kinda lope
I'm doing a quickie
Oddly sticky. Put down the whiskey. Do it quickly
They belittle me but, I’m far from brittle
I'm hard as stone
I've shown the zone
Get the fuck away from my phone
I have my knowns and unknowns
My lyrics is what I hold on there
Go use your payphone
I've outshone
I've outgrown my own throne
I was a peasant now a king
Dethroned the doubters doubting me
You call me a pup. While you a lil pill popper
I've grown up a tiger, berserk flow
Call up the choppers
And, all the lil shoppers, robbers, hoppers, coppers, watchers, authors, no dollars, honors, of offers
Call em bombers
Fuck off you lawyers. Bring in the old scholars
Here is a set of words I know you don't know
Here we go with the flow to know that it's all alters, altars
Like I said doing a quickie, fifty percent trying at the moment
Bring the next opponent, they all rodents
Call em 6ix9ine
Imma businessperson
I got diversion, immersion, desertion, dispersion, inject the insertion, reversion, submersion, conversion
Imma stop before I empty my book of ryhmes
But, it’s my time
Cause I’m invincible
I'm Moving vigilantly
I’m moving diligently
I got originality
I'm taking on the highest difficulty
Infamously the veteran level
Flip over the table
I'am immeasurable
Battle of the babble, dabble
Learn your morales
Shopping the bags
Grab the axe, and cut down their legs
Your not all that. Imma break your necks
Look into my specks
Stop the flex
You get no sex
You guys stop the lies
Stop saying I'm the worst
Then, you go and say your running the game, but your lyrics are so plain
You give me pain
Inside the brain
Imma gain the main
You gain the chain
I gained the domain
You like too obtain
Imma pop your insecurity bubble
No trouble
I’ll climb out y'all's rubble
No struggles
You got no muscles
Just doubles
I pick up the pieces and, put the puzzles
Stop creating all the ruffles
Give you my knuckles to your face
Don't go run in place
Your a beta game
Not completely finished, nor polished
I've tarnished, demolished, abolished
Your little astonished, and bollixed mind
My lyrics are too complex for you
Who are you?
I'am the one too tell the truth
Break your little tooth
I gotta prove. Then pay my dues
Felling invincible, I'm hard as stone
Give me the loan. I've blown the alone. You little scone. Disown you. You a clone. I'm my own
Reach my tone
Your not in my zone, nor thought
You said you never got taught but, you've been caught. Right on the spot
Aim for the dot
Immune. Higher symptoms
I'm filled with wisdom
Get the fuck out my system
I'm too invincible for you
Go clean my shoe