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Lyrics ​Mr. master - ​Cascade cascade

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  • Artist: ​Mr. master
  • Song: ​Cascade cascade
  • Views: 16
  • Date: 04.02.2023 08:29:30
Lyrics ​Mr. master - ​Cascade cascade

Crack o' the snap shrimp sink a wing flutter
Subterfuge ain't exclusive to bad luck summoners
To have had such sustenance. Outlasted
Fido found a binary boundary to count past
Pattern refract prismatic through local liquid
While the ungathered float listless, motion sick
Ample length-room for resonances
Let's play providence
Nth font null your best laid provenance
Eggshell stomp. Deafening
Strepitus ended the tenebrae and left a trail subsensory
That stubborn inhale
Pray those privy to a prophecy unproven prevail
Y'know what they fail to say about stares across rooms: they stay
A raft-up tangle tides raise and oscillate
Isolate how when a shockwave resounds
Foresight o' the fauna detected it hoof to ground
Cascade, cascade
Ballad of an outstretched network node off-center
A presence attractive as magnetic. I'd rather repel it
Constellations are not made of stars
They are the lines drawn in the space between, the connections
Color me a chance untaken, a day unseized
Left in the lightless outskirts to skywrite togetherness
Imaginary friendship
Bounding throughoutward, a shot heard round the, within the
Bells ringin' off proximity. Emittin' all frequencies, who needs touch?
Impact, ripple and decollapse back into duality
Without so much as a thank me
Our ember evaporates, remembered galvanically
Cascade, cascade