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Lyrics SaiMalik777 - RUN UP

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  • Artist: SaiMalik777
  • Song: RUN UP
  • Views: 20
  • Date: 04.02.2023 10:01:09
Lyrics SaiMalik777 - RUN UP

Huh, oh, skeet on em', beat on em' (On a bitch)
Pass the molly, make me eat on her clit
Like an actor, make a scene on the shit
Ándale, ándale, ándale
Eat her booty like a marathon
Run up on 'em with a drain pipe
They say that she Dirty Dan, baby
Hold me when a bitch not acting like
When I get down, I'm like give her the key
I was surely fucking running the bank
All of my n***as is licensed to shoot
If you act a pussy boy, you might get one in the brain (Yeah)
Free brand jacket, D-side money
And tell them ass bitches, and a n***a know nothin'
I ain't with to fucking talkin'
Better slap me when you see me (Okay)
And time for a pussy tell a fuck n***a, "run up"