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Lyrics Sewerperson - Close bond

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  • Artist: Sewerperson
  • Song: Close bond
  • Views: 19
  • Date: 31.10.2022 16:43:22
Lyrics Sewerperson - Close bond

I need someone to lean on
She like grabbin' on hands so i (?...)
Every night since i been drunk i been fucked up
I can feel pain so i don't look for a heart to stop
I can feel my heart stop
Yeah i was one to push off
But i walk through this sick fog
And i fail to remain calm
And i know we got this close bond but i don't wanna ruin it, uh
But soon i'll be traveling, uh
Baby it's hard in the nighttime
Please don't get too close 'cause i feel everything
I swear i could've been her home but i am not functioning
I got this love in me that i try just about anything to give
Baby a once used but broken heart is better than a heart that has never been