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Lyrics The Thought Criminals - Lonely Ones

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  • Artist: The Thought Criminals
  • Song: Lonely Ones
  • Views: 25
  • Date: 31.10.2022 16:23:00
Lyrics The Thought Criminals - Lonely Ones

Some of the lonely ones will
Always be alone
The overcasting nets are cast
Over their growing stubbornness
Nobodies right but them, they're
So green and indifferent
No-one will understand them
They'll be safer with the less
They see
They're in the right place now
Yes a cut above, a cut above the rest
Always doing nothing at all
Young and green, Still everfresh
But they're so safе
Positioned with a false face
It's thеir only vehicle
Carry them to that
Master race. Lonely Ones

Come on you lonely ones
Join in the ranks
Be the obedient disciples
And stay forever the
Lonely Ones